Madaba Arts And Handicraft Center

04_Jordan-Amman-39-Mosaic Art Centre...

Madaba is one of the most relaxed, tolerant and safe cities in Jordan.

Madaba Arts And Handicraft Center is a huge souvenir shop in Madaba on the road to Mt.Nebo. This center trains and employs locals who create intricate designs to adorn everything from small coasters to outdoor tables and wall decorations.

Regional artifacts like embroidered scarves, silver jewellery and the Dead Sea products are sold here. The lovely and intricate mosaic works displayed here stole my attention!

04_Jordan-Amman-34-Mosaic Art Centre...
Mosaic plates and vases…

The town of Madaba is also famous for its artwork on ostrich eggs!

There were many such art works in display at the Madaba Arts and Handicraft Center. The eggs are decorated with tiny dots of paint and they depict scenes of ancient mosaics and Jordanian folklore.Its simply beautiful!!

04_Jordan-Amman-38-Mosaic Art Centre...
Painted and carved ostrich eggs.
04_Jordan-Amman-36-Mosaic Art ..
Mosaic arts!

I met several people here  and they explained to me the work they do. The employers here have a great experience and a passion for what they do!

04_Jordan-Amman-32-Mosaic Art Centre...
A young craftswoman making a mosaic art work.

Nothing sold here is cheap but nothing is overly expensive too on considering the skill and time which has gone into its creation or construction.

Even if you aren’t planning to buy anything,there is so much to see here. Madaba Arts and Handicraft Center is a place no Jordanian traveler should ever miss out!








4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cristopher Jackson says:

    Visiting historical places are inspirational and when it is historically holy place that is a blessed event… Travels help us to find the beautiful things God has made around the world, see the reality and clear many of our imaginations about different culture and practices in different parts of the world, and make us rich with knowledge and empower with power of voice…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Steven says:

    it all sounds nice but they will have hidden charges and fees. the prices are very high. I placed an order and it is still not delivered over 6 months later. they do not answer emails.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashitha Mary Christopher says:

      Yes, you are right. Everything sold there is expensive.


  3. Our order came two weeks later and everything survived. They did an excellent job of packaging.

    Liked by 1 person

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