Sea of Galilee


The famous Sea of Galilee is actually a lake!!It is the lowest freshwater lake in the whole world!


Along with many other tourists, I went for a cruise in the lake…..

The weather was pleasant. The lake and the surrounding area had an astounding silence. It made me feel at ease.

Sang songs along with the other people during the boat ride….took photographs of the serenic beauty of the sea……and made an acquaintance with Ayce and Thorn, two of the boat crew members.

The water reflected the beauty of the nature around. I enjoyed the ride…..

The water of the lake reached an unusually low point in 1986. And then,a fishing boat was discovered. After radio carbon dating of the wood,it was found to be of sometime between 120BC and 40AD. This boat is now kept in the Jesus Boat Museum. Since the boat could be of the time of Jesus, it is termed as the Jesus Boat.

The photos below were taken after the boat ride.


Map of the Gospel trail
A closer view of the Gospel trail
Writings on stones


In my opinion, a cruise around the lake is an absolute must for every Israel traveler. It is truly a wonderful experience!




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