Mount Carmel

19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-1...

Mount Camel is located in the northern Israel and it is stretching from the Mediterranean Sea towards the southeast. This coastal mountain range is a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

The city of Haifa (Israel’s third largest city), is located on the northern slope of this mount.

Haifa is a beautiful city where one could enjoy nature, fabulous views and the fresh air! The place has a luxuriant vegetation of oak, pine, olive and laurel trees. The city lies along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The view of the city from the top of Mount Carmel is awesome!

19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-6...19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-9.JPG19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-3

19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-5...
A stairway leading down from the mount. From here, I enjoyed the breathtaking view of Haifa city and the sea.

Haifa is place of religious co-existence. Certain places in Mount Carmel are of religious importance to Christians, Muslims, Jews and the Baha’is.

Stella Maris

19-Haifa-Mt Carmel-2

Stella Maris is the world headquarters of the Carmelites, a catholic religious order. It’s a church close to a Carmelite convent.

Mount Carmel is also known as Jabal Mar Elyas or Mount Saint Elias. Elijah is a prophet mentioned in the Bible. It is believed that Elijah had lived in a crypt inside this church.

20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-1...

20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-2
The Stella Maris Church
20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-4
An iron cross in front of the Church
20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-7...
The main altar of the Church underneath where the crypt lies
20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-17
A statue of Elijah inside the crypt

20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-1520-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-18

20-Stella Maris-Cave of Elias-14
The Church dome


The Shrine of the Báb.

Baha’i Shire of the Báb is one of the most spectacular religious memorials of Israel!

It’s not only a sacred place, but also the administrative headquarters for the Baha’is around the world. It runs up the northern slope in decorative terraces. The terraces are referred to as the Arc since it appears so.

The Bahá’í Faith was founded in the 19th century Persia by Bahá’u’lláh and it is a monotheistic religion which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind.

21-Daha Ulla-1


My visit to the Haifa city and the Mount Carmel was short but it was well worth it!




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