To Travel is to Discover

Metro Train-6vvv

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There are people who travel this world in order to witness this beauty and to enjoy it.

A real traveler has a mind that observes and discovers. He/she finds beauty in even the humble things where others see nothing.

Once you start traveling, the journey never ends. Your mind will find it hard to break off from the places you have been to. Today, people are so occupied with themselves that they fail to have a look at the spectacular world around them. In the end, we will have to regret the chances we didn’t take.

When we travel, we realize the fact that we live in a big world having many different countries, different landscapes, climates, many different ways of life, varieties of culture and we come to understand what a tiny place we occupy in this world! By getting to know the world, a traveler discovers that there is beauty in every nook and corner of this earth.

Once a year, we should go to at least one place that we have never been before. The world has endless adventures to offer for a person having the real spirit of travelling in his/her heart. After all, life is short! So let’s never forget to dream, travel, explore and discover!!


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