Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor, also known as Har Tavor, is a mount located west of the Sea of Galilee at a height of 1,843 feet above sea level.

It’s a tourist spot in Israel one shouldn’t miss. This Mount is mostly covered in pine trees and offers two paths for hikers- one short path that surrounds the mount and passes through the Mediterranean Woods and Valleys and the long path which passes through the Shibli Village. There are mini-bus services too for tourists to reach the mountain top.

This place is full of history and the valley around has been a famous battle ground in the past and during the 18th Century, a French force under Napolean Bonaparte won over the Ottoman force here.
Two Christian monasteries are located at the mountain top. A Catholic Franciscan monastery with the Church of Transfiguration next to it and a Greek Orthodox monastery with an Orthodox Church on the northern side. The catholic Church of Transfiguration is a place tourists never miss out. 

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-34 copy
The Greek Orthodox Church
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-35 copy
Way leading to the Church of Transfiguration

The Church of Transfiguration is considered by Catholics to be built on the site of Jesus’ transfiguration. The Church is built in a Roman-Syrian Architecture style.

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-3 copy

The Church and its premises is currently protected under Franciscan custody.

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-19 copy

The Church has a unique architecture and style with mosaic art works and stained glass paintings. The church has a main altar and two altars on either sides of it that is dedicated to

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-8 copy
Main altar with paintings and art work on mosaic
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-4 copy
Art work on the right sanctuary-A painting of Prophet Elijah
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-6 copy
Art work on the left sanctuary-A painting of Prophet Moses
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-9 copy
Mosaic art- The Tau Hand of God symbol

There is an altar within a grotto underneath the main altar. Beautiful stained glass arts could be found here. Above this altar is a remarkable stained glass work of two peacocks. These peacocks represent immortality, a symbol of Christ and the Resurrection.

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-12 copy
Altar in the grotto
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-13 copy
Mosaic art-Angels celebrating the birth of Christ
17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-31 copy
Statue of the Italian architect Antonio Barluzzi, also known as the “Architect of the Holy Land”.

It’s a unique place of beauty where one could enjoy outstanding panoramic views of the valley around….

17-Mt Tabor-Church of Transfiguration-26 copy
The Mediterranean valley as viewed from the mountain top



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