Adavi Ecotourism

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Adavi, located on the banks of River Kallar, 10 Kms away from Konni, in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, is a beautiful and perfect site for coracle boating. Adavi has nearly a 5 km water frontage. The boating site is located in the outskirts of deep forest area.


A view from my boat

The place opens for tourists at 8:30 am and the closing time is sometime around 6 pm. Each boat has the capacity to accommodate 5 people and the charge for a 30 minute ride is 100 rupees per person. It’s an upcoming tourist site that opened in 2014.

Boating site

I visited this place on an evening with my family and friends. It was past 5pm and it rained slightly. Just as I hoped, the air around me was perfect for a bowl boating!

After having payed for the pass, I had to walk a short distance through a place where several bowl boats were kept upside down and then I crossed a wooden bridge to get there.

Once I reached the boating site, I was given a life jacket and a guide helped me do the straps. I removed my boots and placed it on a bamboo platform where I was assured that it would be safe. Four of my cousins and I got into a boat. And soon we set going. We enjoyed, cracked jokes, and we took photos of our companions in the other boats as they took ours. I dipped my hand into the river now and then, played with the cold water and every now and then we splashed it on each other’s face. I saw tree houses at places on the riverside.

When we were halfway through with the ride, the rider asked us if we want to fly! “Fly”?, we wondered. When we least expected it, he began rowing sideways and the boat started to rotate. Sounds of laughter and excitement filed the air around the boat and it felt as though the echoes went all over the forest.  The rider kept changing directions in which we rotated and we held on tight to the sides.  Later, we asked him to do that again. This time I leaned back on the wood and looked up to the trees and the sky and it all seemed to  move round and round just as I did and I realized that I’ve come to the right place for a tour. We went on our boats more far than I expected the rider to take us.

Other riders enjoying the boat being made to to go in circles


Once back on the shore, I put my shoes on and went with my crew to the riverside, which is not far from the boating site, to capture photos of the place and also of us.

Adavi boating is a unique and refreshing way to enjoy nature through water rides. For anyone interested in coracle boating, this is definitely the right destination.

Bowl boats
Way to boating site


A bowl boat waiting to be taken
River Kallar
A tree house on the river side


10 DSC08356
Way back from the boating site
Taken from my car as rain drops blurred my view of the place as we drove away…



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